MCM Engineering II's engineering and project management departments strictly adhere to published industry standards such as ANSI C37.20, UL, NEC, ASTM, and other applicable construction practices. All products are developed using the latest in AutoCAD and Inventor for 3-D modeling. Prior to assembly, the full line-up is carefully checked for both construction interferences and customer access.

Each project has a Project Manager assigned and they become the primary interface for the customer. Project managers are available for direct communication (not going through multiple layers of people), and will often initiate the conversations to clarify points and identify possible user/installer conflicts.

MCM Engineering II's quality control department is an integral part of the engineering process and MCM Engineering II has full ANSI testing capabilities including UL certified Rain Testing, BIL and Heat Rise.

With over 25 years of custom and standard design, MCM Engineering II has seen, quoted and built a wide variety of Switchgear projects. From standard line-ups to extensively modified hybrid designs MCM Engineering II can handle the details and work closely with the customer to make sure what is desired can be built correctly and safely.