Letter from the President

Presidents Letter:

Welcome to MCM Engineering II and thank you for your interest in our company. MCM Engineering II has been in business for 25years and are proud of our commitment to excellence and quality on behalf our customer needs. We are ISO9001 and maintain stringent quality control. We manufacture to all the industry standards (UL, ANSI, UL, NEMA, etc) and are especially adept at building things to our customers needs rather than saying we only build what we build, take or leave it. We pride ourselves on our ability to retrofit and customize since we realize not all customers are alike in their needs.

We are very diverse in our products and manufacture to serve many markets (Solar, Wind, Mining, Aircraft Ground Support, Military, and General Industrial/Construction). With MCM you get direct access to our engineering support for up front design help and do not have to go through layers of bureaucracy to get answers or assistance. We believe the customer deserves QUICK response and our goal is to be proactive in working with our customers, not only reactive.

We have full Field Service capabilities and will take care of you from concept stage through energization and beyond. We know that what we build is an expensive and critical part or your infrastructure to run your business or facility and we are sensitive to the fact that you should and will be careful as you select who you want to support these needs. We will exceed your expectations and hopefully earn and keep your confidence and business.

All key management positions are filled by degreed engineers, designers, and marketing personnel with many years of experience. New ideas and products are welcome and we enjoy the challenge of creating a custom or standard product to meet and exceed your requirements.

We hope you will give MCM Engineering II an opportunity to work with you on your Switchgear or any custom electrical assembly requirements, and that you can take a minute to explore the other areas of this website. Many pictures are included along with the written descriptions of what MCM Engineering II can and does produce. Any questions or comments can be directed to myself or the sales department.


Lowell Klassen