The MiniBreak is a small Load Interrupter Switch that is rated 4.76kv, 200A, 12.5kA symmetrical. These units are standard outdoor rated, with pull sections in the base. They can be fused up to 200E with Current Limiting Non-Disconnect fuses. Fused LI switches have a 65kA symmetrical integrated rating. Typical applications are transformer disconnects, replacement of oil switches, and utility visible disconnect switches. FYI, 200A at 4160V will get to about a 1 MVa transformer with 200E fuses (oversized by 30%). MCM Engineering II keeps stock on the MiniBreak switches. These can also be custom built in Stainless Steel or Galvaneal. The standard paint system is a 2000 hour TGIC with primer.

Minibreak Catalog Number KV RATING Fuse Range Enclosure Type List Price
Unfused LIM35200U 5.5 10E-200E NEMA 12/3R $5,640
Fused LIM35200F 5.5 10-200 E NEMA 12/3R $6,440
Catalog NO. Accessories Description Price
MRAS1 Auxillary Switch, 1-NO and 1-NC Contacts $90
MRKP1 Key Provision Only, order key cylinder separtely $220
MRSH1 Strip Heater $625
MRSHT Strip Heater with Thermostat $950
MR3SADC 3 KV Distribution Class Surge Arrestor (set of 3) 2.55 MCOV $925
MR6SADC 6 KV Distribution Class Surge Arrestor (set of 3) 2.55 MCOV $1,050