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Our Promise to You

Quality is our top concern and we follow ISO 9001 certified manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality in all of our products.

Metal-Clad Switchgear

Our Metal-Clad Switchgear complies with ANSI C37.20.2 standards, constructed with metal barriers between all bus assemblies. A barrier is included between the main cross bar and the runbacks and risers. Each upper and lower breaker is also isolated, as is each cable pull section. Metal-clad Switchgear includes a draw-out Vacuum Circuit Breaker cabinet. This gear is applicable in buildings where maintaining consistent energy is critical such as server farms and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

Our Metal-Enclosed Switchgear complies with ANSI C37.20.3 & 4 standards. Built with a more open design, the bus is open and there are few if any barriers between the bus and cable sections. Typically, the bus is not insulated, and boots are not required. This is a very cost-effective construction for applications that seldom require access to the inside of the switchgear and for infrequent operations. Typical examples of Metal-Enclosed products are Load Interrupters, Medium Voltage MCC’s, Utility Metering Sections, Pull Sections, hybrid designs with LI Switches in series with a Vacuum Circuit Breaker.

Load Interrupter Switch

This is a Metal-Enclosed MV device that essentially functions like a large switch to open or close allowing power to be interrupted or allowed to flow. This is the most cost-effective method of controlling the power in a Medium Voltage circuit. A couple of key limitations apply to the LI switch: 1) It is not designed to interrupt a fault current. 2) The opening and closing is typically manual. 3) The Switch is designed to have a limited number (200 –500 no-load), and 10 to 20 with load of opening and closings. The amperages are limited to 1200A maximum.

MiniBreak LI

The MiniBreak is a small Load Interrupter Switch that is rated 4.76kv, 200A, 12.5kA symmetrical. These units are standard outdoor rated, with pull sections in the base. They can be fused up to 200E with Current Limiting Non-Disconnect fuses. Fused LI switches have a 65kA symmetrical integrated rating. Typical applications are transformer disconnects, replacement of oil switches, and utility visible disconnect switches. These can also be custom built in Stainless Steel or Galvanneal. The standard paint system is a 2000 hour TGIC with primer.

Utility Metering Sections

MCM Engineering II is a specialist when it comes to West Coast EUSERC Metering sections related to medium voltage Switchgear. We have the most current EUSERC standards on file in addition to the numerous Utility variations of the standards. MCM Engineering II has relationships with many of the utility engineers that will be approving your project, and often interfaces directly with them during the design stage. A short list of the Utilities we build Switchgear for are: PG&E, SCE, LADWP, IID, SRP, APS, NPL, AP&L, SDG&E, HECO, MECO, Xcel Energy, Small City and community utilities, and other nationwide companies/Utilities.

Power Distribution Center

A free standing structure with no inner-wall wiring or plumbing, designed for temporary occupation by qualified electrical or maintenance personnel that houses devices for the control, distribution and regulation of electrical power. Typically, these structures house medium and low voltage Switchgear or Switchboards, MCCs, distribution panels, and other control structures. Virtually all Power Distribution Centers have a climate control system with heating and cooling based upon the environment and heat loading within the building. MCM Engineering II can construct these structures with standard steel, stainless steel, structural aluminum, and Galvaneal metals.

Sheltered Aisle (Walk-in)

The Sheltered Aisle (Walk-in) is essentially an extension of the Electrical Equipment’s outdoor enclosure that can provide a weather resistant working area in front of and to the sides of the Switchgear. The electrical components form an integral part of the structure. Sheltered Aisle Walk-ins are not climate controlled (other than filtered air), but many features can be added as needed. Since the Switchgear forms a part of the enclosure, a Sheltered Aisle (Walk-in) can be more cost effective than a Power Distribution Center.

Trailer Mounted Containerized & Misc.

We engineer and build a wide variety of products from simple to complex applications. Your project may be similar to summiting Mt. Everest, and you may need a team of experts. We’re glad to assist you! Please contact our Sales Team and see what solutions we can build for you.

Custom Design

MCM Engineering II utilizes copper bus sized at 1000A per Square Inch for conservative design and heat rise. SCADA and Auto transfer systems are integrated into the product per the customer specifications. Each of our builds begins with the design process. Our team of expert Engineers work with your team to ensure that projects are built to specs and operate efficiently for your application. Have a project that needs a little extra flexibility, let our design team create the product that is right for you. MCM Engineering II can give you a fair and accurate assessment of the project, alternative options and competitive pricing so you can make the best decision for your application.