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MCM Engineering II has been making custom switchgear for 25 years and is an OEM of Medium Voltage (601 Volts to 38,000 Volts) Switchgear that complies with ANSI C37.20.1, C37.20.2 (Metal Clad) and C37.20.3/4 (Metal Enclosed). We have the ability to assist you from initial engineering and design to final construction. MCM Engineering II also does Low Voltage (480V) for highly custom applications, including Sheltered Aisle (Walk-in) extensions, wrapping in corrosion resistant material (316SS, 304SS), and integration of alternate products into the Switchgear.

Common Switchgear products are constructed in NEMA 1 (Indoor), N3R Non Walk-In, Sheltered Aisle (Walk-in), and Power Distribution Centers. Types of products manufactured are standard Switchgear lineups (Main and Feeder), Paralleling Switchgear, Marine Skids, Substations, Integrated Power stations, Utility Metering, and severe environment Switchgear.

MCM Engineering II utilizes copper for all bus work and sizes the bus at 1000A per Square Inch for conservative design and heat rise. SCADA and Auto transfer systems are integrated into the product per the customer specifications and industry standards. Our client base is as varied as the applications: Military, Industrial, WWTP, Commercial, Solar, Geothermal, Wind, Oil and Gas, Mining, Municipalities, and Utilities.

In most instances we offer faster lead times than the major manufacturers and are much more flexible. We offer a wide array of components and configurations to meet your requirements. The pricing is structured to be competitive with the market even on custom fast track shipments and add to existing lineups. Give us a call or email and we’d be happy to assist in any way possible. 435-865-0125: WWW.MCMENG2.com.

Lowell Klassen

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BS Degree Electrical Engineering, 1980 Switchgear Design Engineer at GE Field application Engineer for GE in Salt Lake City Manager of Engineering for CGI Systems in LA Business owner and President of MCM Engineering 1989 to present.

Clarke Arnold

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BA Degree, Industry Technology, MBA 20+ years experience in the OEM electrical industry Director of Sales MCM Engineering

Byron Black

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B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, MBA 17+ years experience in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Mechanical Engineering and Operations Manager